How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction?

Bleeding after tooth extraction can be controlled in many way. First of all i will mention that minor to moderate bleeding may occur for some time after a tooth has been extracted.

Once an extraction has been completed, the initial maneuver to
control bleeding is the placement of a small piece of gauze directly over the socket. Large packs that cover the occlusal surfaces of teeth adjacent to the extraction site do not apply pressure to the bleeding socket and are, therefore, ineffective.

The gauze may be moistened so that the oozing blood does
not coagulate in the gauze and then dislodge the clot when the
gauze is removed. You should bite firmly on this gauze for at least 30 minutes and not to chew on the gauze. You should hold the gauze in place without opening or closing the mouth. Talking should be kept to a minimum for 2 to 3 hours.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is normal for a fresh extraction
site to ooze slightly for up to 24 hours after the extraction procedure.
Small amount of blood mixed with a large amount of saliva might appear to be a large amount of blood. If the bleeding is more than a slight ooze, you should reapply a small piece of gauze directly over the area of the extraction. You should hold this second gauze
pack in place for as long as 1 hour to gain control of bleeding.

If bleeding persists, a slightly moistened black tea bag can be a very effective substitute for the gauze (following the same instructions given for the gauze placement). One of the ingredients of regular black tea is tannic acid, the tannic acid in regular tea serves as a local vasoconstrictor.


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