How to keep your Mouth Free of Bacteria

With advances in the field of Dentistry, there are so many newer techniques evolved. In Past with the loss of teeth you had to get Bridge or Implant, but now it will be a 3D Printed Teeth.

Yes Andreas Herrmann of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and his colleagues have developed an antimicrobial plastic, allowing them to 3D print teeth that also kill bacteria. Bacteria can lead to damage of Implants, so with this 3D teeth you can have Bacteria Free Mouth and yes, you can save your money from implants failure (due to bacteria damage).

The team which made this 3D teeth, “embedded antimicrobial quaternary ammonium salts inside existing dental resin polymers. The salts are positively charged and so disrupt the negatively charged bacterial membranes, causing them to burst and die. “The material can kill bacteria on contact, but on the other hand it’s not harmful to human cells.” Then they put this mix in a 3D printer, hardened it with ultraviolet light and printed out a range of dental objects such as replacement teeth and orthodontic braces.

This 3D teeth is not available yet in Market, there are more tests to be done before it can be introduced in patient’s Mouth, as it is yet to be tested with Tooth paste and if it is that much hard to bear the Forces of Mastications.


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