How to get the Desired Score in IELTS

As this is the first step, without which you cannot even apply for PLAB, a lot of people have been worried about how to prepare for IELTS and find it pretty tough to get the band 7 in each section. What material do you need? 1) Information for candidates booklet – This is provided to you when you register. It is very important that you go through it. It will make you aware of what to expect in the exam. 2) IELTS Target Band 7 – this is one amazing book that I came across while preparing for IELTS. It has all the tips and tricks you need to ace your exam. Give this book a good read and apply the tips when you practice. You can download the book here : 3)


Cambridge Practice Test for IELTS series – These books are really good for practice. As they are from Cambridge, the pattern is exactly the same as it is in the exam so you get the feel of the real thing with this book. Do the test in the time allotted for each section, as bad timing could also result in a bad score. Start from the latest book as it will be on the latest pattern and then go backwards. Here is the link for downloading these books :

Other useful links 

There are practice tests given here. Do them if you want to do more practice. 

Another good preparation site.  Here you can get help on your writing part which is a weakness of most people.

How much time is required for preparation? Well this really varies from person to person, but in general 15 – 20 days of practice is good enough. Final advice Do a few tests, figure out your area of weakness and work on it. Practice is the key to success! Good luck! Hope this helps you all. Remember me in your prayers.

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