How to clean your Teeth

It is very necessary to clean your teeth because you can not only save yourself from cavities and gum diseases but also from many systemic diseases as well. So never think to skip it.

There are so many mistakes made by people when brushing teeth. You should use a proper size tooth brush. There are many sizes tooth brushes available, but you should select it according to your teeth. One easy trick is that, use the toothbrush that fits your mouth and you feel it easy while brushing your teeth 🙂 . If we talk about Bristles, remember many people use hard bristles to clean their teeth, which is totally wrong. Actually some people think the harder the bristles the more efficient will be cleaning, which is totally wrong. Always use soft Bristles, as it is recommended by American Dental Associations. You should avoid bristles having animal sources as it can can harbor bacteria.


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Manual tooth brushing will be good or Electric? Well it depends on the person, if he can clean teeth efficiently with manual method then he should go for it, but if he has some problems like arthritis etc, he can use Electrical method, and yes if you are lazy you can use electrical one 😉 . So you can use either method to clean your teeth.


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Usual recommendation for tooth brushing is twice daily. But if you are cleaning your teeth three times daily, its Best. You should clean your teeth after Breakfast, after Lunch and just before sleeping.  We usually brush our teeth with in Seconds, which is wrong. We should divide our mouth in 4 quadrants, and we should give 30 seconds per each quadrant. So it will take your 2 minutes to brush your teeth properly.


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You should not brush your teeth more than 3 times as it will lead to adverse effects, like wearing or Enamel and recession of Gums. try to use brush with soft and gentle touch. Try to avoid hard brushing as that will lead to adverse effects mentioned above.

There are many methods used for brushing like:

  1. The Base Method
  2. The Rolling Stroke
  3. The Stillman Method
  4. The Charters Method

The Base method is the best method for cleaning your teeth. Position the filaments up toward the root at a 45* angle to teeth. Place the brush with the filaments tips directed into gingival sulcus, using a vibratory stroke brush back and forth with very short strokes for 10-15 strokes for each position.

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You should start from the area of mouth which is difficult to clean/brush. Many people try to brush the same area so many times. Try to start from the difficult areas.

Try to use tooth paste which suits you. Don’t over use the whitning tooth pastes as that will lead to Enamel damage. Always try to use plain fluoride toothpastes . There are wide range of tooth pastes available. It depends on the state of your oral health, as there is separate tooth paste for sensitivity, another one for bleeding gums and so on. so its up to your oral condition. For normal people they should use fluoride tooth pastes. Remember do not swallow fluoride toothpastes as it can adversely effect you. Never use Fluoride tooth pastes in children less than 3 years.

You should change your tooth brush every 3 months, or as soon as the bristles start to splay out and lose their shape. There are new toothbrushes which change color when its time to get a new one. So you can use those brushes as well. Try to keep tooth brush in upright position uncovered, so that it can dry quickly before next use. Avoid touching of brushes if you are keeping many brushes at a single place as it can lead to germ accumulation.

Dental floss should be used along with tooth brush, as it can clean spaces between your teeth, which can not be cleaned by tooth brush. It can clear plaque, bacteria and food particles between teeth. But try to be gentle while using dental floss as it can injure your gums.


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Try to use a pea size tooth paste, it is the best volume of tooth paste to be used per teeth brushing. If you use more sized paste it will lead to increase spitting of tooth paste plus it will lea to have more chances of fluoride intake, which is not good. So use a pea size tooth paste.

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You should wait for at least half hour after taking soft drinks and sour juices, as it causes softening of enamel, so if you go for teeth brushing early, it will cause wearing away of Enamel. So try to wait at least half hour after intake of such juices.

After brushing you should clean your tongue as well. many germs accumulate on the surface of tongue, that can lead to Bad Breath. So if you want to avoid Bad Breath, you should clean your tongue after brushing.


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