Hands on Implant Course in Lahore


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An Intensive Hands-01 Implant Course IOWComprising of 6 Comprehensive Sessions
Differentiated Features of the Course
• Each padrticpartdunwaJd be able to place in-plant under cirect supervision of cwse • Each panicipart world be exposed to cifferert case scenarios through.. sessions.
• Complete backup fa’ al the participant to .srcnal support wit be presided _ It-1.r practices & n aftertbe course is over.
VsteroTrtnig Course Object/es
2nd week Oct 2015
• The course is d.igred to train the general dentist and fresh graduates to enhance their clinical skits in the field of Irrplantolcgy. • After the ccrrpletion of the course the paticipanmil be atie to select the appropriate case, make ciagncsis and select the ideal irrp4art suitable for the patient fdlavig the scientific mitt of IrrplantrIcgy. • Paticipants will be able to select the most suitable prosthetic option abuthert and imrressial technique fcr the r.toraticns of rrplant. • Paticipart will be taught all the affianced technicpes in hplantolcgy such as ridge expa-sion/spIttrig, sins gra., and GIN tech-liars. • Paticipant vvll be given up to date knowledge of the sot tissue ffanagernent, hoN to achieve esthetics and different soft tissue grafting procedres to enhance it
its and Registration Contact
Afe Course Director Dr Nadeem Pasha (Consult.. Periodontist & Irrplantologist)

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