Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

There are many ways you can harm your teeth that include some of your Habits. We will mention some of the habits that can harm your teeth and how you can avoid these Habits.

Are you using your Teeth as a Tool? 

Yes there are few people who use their Teeth as tools. Your teeth are made for grinding and chewing the foods, not to use it as scissor, cutter, to hold things or to open bottles. Try to avoid such things, because it can lead to fracture of your teeth as well your jaws (some times).


Are you snacking constantly?

If you are snacking all the day, it can lead to caries. As you can not clean your teeth all the day, and the food which is left over can be used by Bacteria to produce acids that will lead to caries. So try to avoid snacking all the day. Its better to eat foods with low sugar and fat contents. Rinse your teeth after each snack.


Are you Chewing Ice Cubes?

Chewing Ice Cubes can lead to damage of teeth. Both Ice and tooth Enamel are crystals, so if we push two crystals against each other it will lead to break down of one. Mostly the ice will break but some times your tooth enamel. So it is better to avoid chewing Ice Cubs.


Habit of Grinding and Clenching: 

Some people have the habit of grinding and clenching the teeth. This type of habit can lead to chipping and cracking of teeth. Some people do grind and clench the teeth in stress. So it is better to relax your self. Avoid any sort of stress. You can also use Night guards if you have this habit at night.


Are you Brushing too hard? 

Applying too much pressure to clean your teeth will lead to damage of Tooth Enamel and recession of Gums. Using tooth brushes with Hard Bristles can make the condition worst. So try to use soft bristle tooth brushes with gentle pressure to keep your gums and teeth healthy.


Nail Biting: 

One nervous habit that can chip your teeth and impact your jaws is nail biting. Keeping your jaws in protruded position all the time to bit your nail can cause jaw dysfunction. So try to avoid nail biting. You can use some bitter taste nail polishes to avoid this habit. Try to keep yourself relax to avoid the stress as well.


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