Geographic Tongue

If you have irregular pattern of White Lines and Red patches on the surface of your tongue it can be described as Geographic Tongue.

Also referred to as benign migratory glossitis, geographic tongue is a common inflammatory condition of the tongue. Other oral mucosal sites can be affected less frequently, in which case the condition is called stomatitis erythema migrans or ectopic geographic tongue. 

Sign and Symptoms: 
Geographic tongue is usually evident in early childhood and rarely causes symptoms. The lesions demonstrate a wide variety of clinical patterns, ranging from irregularly shaped erythematous macules with surrounding elevated white borders to patchy areas of depapillation and smooth glossy mucosa.

glossBenign migratory glossitis in a child. There is a very well-defined area of depapillation on the right side of the tongue dorsum, while the rest of the surface is unaffected.


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