Fellowship Training for Holders of M.Phil



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August 20. 2015
NOTIFICATION In panial modification to CPSP Notification No. 6-14ixam.08CPS,I 14-Y. dated F. ohms!) 27. 2008. it is notified that the duration of Fellowship training for holders of M. Phil in Anatomy Iliochcmiury Phammcology and Physiology shall be determined as follows: Candidates possessing M. Phil in respective discipline w ith two years’ post M. Phil experience maybe allowed following concessions on ease to case basis. • Exemption from ECPS Pan• • One >car credit in fellowship training. Such ECPS trainees. therefore. will undergo three (03) )cars of residency from the date of commencement of training as entered in RTMC registration. They will also be required to complete all other requirements as mentioned below: I. Completing the prescribed course work. 2. Working on Research project and writing thesis. 3. Maintaining log book throughout the duration of residency. 4. Attending prescribed workshops. 5. An other requirement applicable at the time of appearing in examination.
Or Muhammad Shari( Chief Controller Examinations
Copy to: I. P.S. to the President CPSP 2. CPS!’ Regional Directors 3. Secretary CPSP 4. Registrar CPSP 5. Treasurer CPSP 6. Director RTMC 7. Director Faculties, CPSP S. DireeM Finance 9. Director Medical Education 10. MCC/ Rank I I.RED 12. Webmasier. with the retitleS1 to upload the notification on CPSP website

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