Fee Details of Post Graduate Training by CPSP

Information about Fee Details of Post Graduate Training by CPSP is as:
Candidates are allowed to pay total fee in one year as per below mentioned schedule or candidates can also pay total fee at the time of registration. The first installment is payable at the time of registration, second installment after 4 months of registration and third installment after the next 4 months. All workshops to be completed within first 18 months of training.


At the Time of Registration :-
Registration Fee :
Rs. 3,000.00/-
Total :
Rs. 3,000.00/-
First Installment :-
Workshop on Research Methodology & Medical Writing (within first six months)
Rs. 8,500.00/-
Second Installment :-
Workshop on Communication Skills
Rs. 8,500.00/-
Workshop on Introduction to Computer and Internet (Optional)
Rs. 6,000.00/-
Computer exemption test in lieu of workshop (In case of failing the test, Computer and Internet workshop will become mandatory)
Third Installment :-
Workshop on Primary Surgical Skills (Candidates of Surgery & Allied and Obstetrics / Gynaecology only)
Rs. 8,500.00/-
Synopsis :-
Synopsis submission fee (Fresh only)
Rs. 1,000.00/-
Dissertation :-
Dissertation submission fee (Fresh)
Rs. 10,000.00/-
Dissertation submission fee (Resubmission)
Rs. 2,000.00/-

Source: cpsp.edu.pk


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