FCPS Part 1 preparation Guideline


FCPS Part 1 preparation Guideline

What I am sharing is mine and my friends experience . one may disagree from that as everyone has its own J

Time duration:  it may differ from person to person but on avg 80 days without job and 110 days with job are enough if one is determined..

How to start: First of all get a syllabus of the speciality u are giving in.. as I hav given in surgery so here it is… http://www.scribd.com/doc/98525267/prospectus-surg-nd-allied-part-1-fcps

for medicine.

for gynae

for patho

for radio

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Read it carefully and decide all the books which you are going to study … make a reasonably tight plan (so that if u cant follow it ,as I cant, even then u have enuf time left for plan B n C and so on which u can make later on ) but always remember  IF ITS NOT GOING ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL THEN IT SURELY IS GOING ACCORDING TO  ALLAH’S J.

Now the books :

Anatomy:  for surgery  Big snell is recommeded but if u think u cant do it as I did u can go for review snell and clinical from big snell..but I did some topic from big which came in mcqs . and keep NETTERS atlas with you and go thru it too .

Neuroanatomy from kaplan

Embryology from high yield but again do topics frm any txtbook which frequently come in mcqs

Histology . epitheliums and frm amir

General anatomy . just go thru any comprehensive book. GA by GA is good. (I just googled the topics that came in mcqs)

Physiology. For surgery BRS is enough . for medicine Kaplan

Pathology: for surgery  general patho from BRS and special from first aid .for medicine try to go thru whole BRS .MICROBIOLOGY from first aid.

Reference books to consult mcqs are RJ LAST , BD CHURASIA

Biochemistry , Pharmacology ,Biostatistics,Behavioral sciences
all of them are well covered in first aid..for medicine try to go thru ANS frm mini katzung…

How to Study

Hardwork is the key to success. Try to put maximum of your effort and leave the rest to Allah

Its better to do anatomy at the end as it requires cramming and complete rest of the syllabus first..

U have to do atleast 3 separate tasks a day.

Your main subject , 40 to 50 mcqs atleast and group discussion on forum or with friends… ( u can make a small group of your close friends on whatsapp to discuss ) but don’t waste your time as time is of the essence

Regarding first Aid it cant be done at the end so give it 1 to 2 hours daily .start with micro…. But  u have to read whole syllabus from first aid. Try to do it atleats 2/3 times or more.

Regarding MCQs try to do as much mcqs as u can. When u finish a topic do its mcqs from MURAD and if confused see its reference or discuss in group…

ASIM and SHOAIB MEDICINE AND SURGERY  are must . donot cram the mcqs do them properly if u r unfamiliar with any topic read the whole topic from some refrence book… u should know why wrong option is wrong and correct is correct…some mcqs hav more than one ans if u can find any authentic ref for the ans go for it otherwise go for the key.. but there are many mistakes in mcq books so donot trust blindly… and DONOT accept any ans from anyone without proper explanation and refernce…

MCQS at the end of BRS and review Snell are also important ..

Chandkians is also MUST but u can do it at the end quickly if you have done above properly and yes get its errata too …
Ending note:  It dosnt matter how much have you done and how much you know all that  matters is that YOU TRIED YOUR BEST,, its your hard work and prayers ..


Donot let it get on your nerves its not the end of the world. There are way bigger things that are going on and can happen so always pray that whatever happens its best for you J. Help others and Allah will help you ..



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