FCPS Part 1 Medicine and Allied April 2015

This paper is both paper 1 nd 2 mixed.

1.Substance in carcinomas> keratin

2.Prevention of tatnus> tetnus toxoid

3.12 year boy obese eat more mentally retarded> prader willi syndrome

4.perenial surgery fecal material comes out in urine> denonvilliars fascia

  1. lymphatic drainage of labia majora> superficial inguinal LN

6.true about breast> arises from mammary buds along milk line

7.pt is standing erect whats the hyoid bone position> C3 vertebra

8.which of the following dialate pupil> doxazocin (as alpha1 selective other betablockers nd clonidine given in options)

9.how much antibodies present in vaginal secretions > 70% (asim shoaib bcq)

  1. most abundant antibody in serum > IgG
  2. young boy with high grade fever, juandice investigation> Lfts nd billirubin

12.youlk sac grem cells derived from > endoderm

13.fisherman with bleeding  gums> vit C deficiency

  1. pt.is going into shock due to occulocardiac reflex first line of treatment> stop stimulus
  2. in cardiac arrest first line of treatment> dopamine(adrenaline is also in options)
  3. allergic reaction pt going into shock first line of treatment>adrenaline

17.how many bar bodies in XXX> 2 bar bodies

18.mentaly retarded single crease on palm congenital heart defect> downs syndrome

  1. pelvic outlet having inverted spine nd we cant reach promontory> anthropoid pelvis
  2. at outlet of pelvis anterioposterior diameter is less than transvers diameter> gynaecoid pelvis

21.blood going from placenta to fetus having Po2> 30mmHg

  1. Pregnant lady not taking leafy vegetables having fetus with> anenchaphly
  2. pheranic nerve passes in front of> sclene anterior muscle
  3. counterpart of genital tubercle> seminal colliculus
  4. short lims as compare to trunk and head pattern of disease> autosomal dominant
  5. factor IX deficiency> ffps
  6. radiation kills cells by producing> free radicals
  7. prolectin inhibiting hormone> dopamine
  8. hormone inhibit ovulation in female> prolectin
  9. we dec dead space by> tracheostomy
  10. surface where exchange of material takes place is usually having> simple sqamous epithelium
  11. ca of stomach causative agent> H.pylori

33.thirst is stimulated by> inc plasma osmolarity

34.consumption of wheat in food requires> thamine

  1. hb 6.5 mcv 105> megaloblastic anemia
  2. sexually transmitted infection most common > trichomonas
  3. recurrent abcess formation > NADPH oxidase deficiency
  4. which of the following is to be increase to stop secretion of rennin> angitensin II
  5. which structure attached the liver to ant abdominal wall> falciform ligament
  6. 2.5 inch laceration heals in days which promote process of healing> sutures ( poor collagen, forigen body, dec blood supply, dec calcium are other options)
  7. pain of cervix related nerve present in> broad ligament

42.scarlet fever caused by> exfoliatin toxin

43.iron absorption from intestine increased by>ferrous form

44.kidney involvs in activation of> cholicalciferol

45.dead fetus drain csf from> post fontenelle

46.whip like moments> fallopian tube

  1. pus contain> dead neutrophils

48.thyroid cancer marker> calcitonin

  1. regarding anatomical structures> left renal vein ant to renal artery and aorta
  2. most common nerve injured in cavernous sinus> abducent
  3. body buffer> HCO3
  4. Hb curve moves to left> CO poisioning
  5. first sign of shock> tissue hypoxia
  6. parasympthatic action> contraction of gall bladder
  7. definitive diagnosis of T.b > AFB

56.Histopathology diagnosis of Tb > caseous necrosis|(AFB was not in options otherwise select that)

  1. pulse pressure inc when> rt ventricular stroke vol inc
  2. chronic blood loss causing> dec heptoglobin ( other option is reticulocytosis which is wrong)
  3. length of right bronchus > 2.5cm

60.asbestosis related to> bronchogenic ca

  1. cardiogenic shock cause> post MI
  2. which of the following indicate glomerular disease> albuminurea
  3. in ICU we prevent infections by> frequent hand washing
  4. confidence limit> mean plus its standard deviation
  5. contra lat hemiplegia> ant cerebral artery damage
  6. brocas and wernicke both areas r damaged> global aphasia

67.post 1/3rd of interventricular septum is supplied by> RCA

68.ca cervix caused by>multiparity

  1. epithelium type changes> metaplasia

70.high grade fever mediator> TNF alpha

  1. when muscle is stretched which one prevents from tearing> golgi tendon

72.golgi tendon measures > tension of muscle

  1. immediate function of insulin> takes potassium inside cell

74 . true regarding glucagon> inc free faty acids in serum

  1. common causative agent of sub acute endocarditis> stap viridans
  2. death of cell in chemotherapy mechanism> apoptosis
  3. inguinal cannal> roof formed by conjoint tendon
  4. man frm azad Kashmir hepatomegaly fever history of sleep on ground> kalazar
  5. erythroblastosis fetalis which type of immunity> type 2

80.in brain ischemia> liquifactive necrosis

81.red infarct common in> tissues with dual blood supply

  1. secretion of antibodies> plasma cells
  2. 25 year man suddenly his height nd weight increases> inc growth hormone secretions
  3. main stimulus for secretion of aldosterone> hyperekalemia
  4. during c section which vessel can b damage> inf epigestric artery
  5. anemia in pregnancy most common cause> heamodilution
  6. side effect of ocps> thromboembolism
  7. which drug CI in pregnancy> warfarin

89.which nerve root gives cutaneous branches> T1

  1. stroke with pointed object flaring on skin cause> axon reflex
  2. chemoreceptors in carotid bodies responds when> in PCo2 of blood(dec PO2 was not in options)
  3. case of obstructed labour pt.reach hospital which is 200 miles away she died when reached hospital> amniotic fluid embolism
  4. pregnant lady died after 2 days of road traffic accident> fat embolism
  5. pt. having diabeties nd having ulcer on foot reason> angio plus neuropathy
  6. lead shield required for which procedure in pregnant women> x-ray chest

96.carbidopa > enhance drug activity in brain( other options r not prevent peripheral conversion, facilitate entry to brain

  1. in manupause > inc FSH
  2. Which of following acts through cGmp> ANP

99.Largest surface area> capillaries

100.GFR increases by> afferent arteriolar dialatation

101.universal recipient > AB –ve

  1. melanocyte derived from> neural crest cells
  2. correlation coefficient R value perfect relationship btw 2 variables> +1
  3. Anticholinergics are used in> COPDs (longer duration of action)
  4. drug use after mestactomy> temoxifen
  5. bupivicain> act as non ionized formed(other option is block sodium channels in inonised form)
  6. local anesthetic effect depends on> lipid solubility of drug
  7. diarrhea cases report disease present or absent> nominal study
  8. data in %ages> pie chart
  9. bone fractures in CRF due to> vit D deficiency

111.common step in gluconeogenesis nd glycolysis>fructose 6 phosphate to fructose 1,6 bisphosphate

112.catabolism of long chain fatty acids> peroxisomes

  1. sympthatic block to urinary blader> L1 L2
  2. Pt. unable to void> pelvic splencnic nerve
  3. ca prostat involvs> post lobe

116.bony land mark use in childbirth> ischeal spine

117.middle rectal artery is branch of> internal iliac artery

  1. rt ovarian vein drain into> IVC
  2. approach to pouch of douglas from> post fornix of vagina
  3. during pregnancy distress to pregnant women due to>dec PaCo2
  4. nelexon given to pt as antidote , no effect, poisoning of> phenobarbitone( opioids other options)
  5. non bacterial opportunistic organism in burn> candida
  6. pituitary ablation for craniopharengeoma treatment regimen> human menopausal gonadotrophins followed by human

Chorionic gonadotrophins

124.in venous blood > chloride is more( Hco3 more, rbcs have less size than in arterial blood are other options)

  1. rbcs broken in > options forget
  2. infertility nd severe dysmenorrhea> endometriosis
  3. drug not used for dysmenorrhea> aspirin
  4. regarding congenital abnormalities > congenital pyloric stenosis occur more frequently in relative of effected

Infants than in general population

  1. thalassemia trait in Pakistan> 5%
  2. GH increases in > exercise
  3. hormone release in stressed situation> cortisol ( adrenalin in options)
  4. at 5th week> rotation of stomach
  5. pt.with hypertension weight gain inc ACTH> chushing disease
  6. pt. having bicornuate uterus having associated anomaly> genitourinary system( skeletal system in options)
  7. duration of inspiration nd expiration> 2 sec inspiration 3 sec expiration
  8. tubo ovarian abcess case> gonhorrhea causative agent
  9. most common organism cause perpural sepsis> group b streptococci

138.extrinsic pathway start from factor> 7

  1. fibrous cartilage> menisci of knee joint

140.pt. having pedal edema, ascities investigation to b needed> RFTs, LFTs, electrolytes

141.pt. past history of tb 10 years back now presents with pleural effusion cause> options forget

142.esential aminoacid> threonine

143.during pregnancy which hormone secretion not increased> PTH

144.Major vessels present in which space of spinal cord> subarachnoid

145.rational for storage of patlets at room temp> it dec platlet function

  1. 2ml solution of 4% lignocaine contains how much drug> 80mg
  2. hypovolumic shock> maintain iv line
  3. in osteoporosis which is defective> osteoclasts
  4. fertilization usually occurs in> uterine tubes

150.which substance yield most calories per gram> lipid

151.ADH is inhibited by > alcohol

152.insulin secretion is stimulated by > glucagon

153.pt receiving cortisol> lymphocytes dec

154.Thyroid hormone increases the plasma conc of> free fatty acids

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