FCPS Part 1 Gynae and Obs 10 June 2015

This paper is Compiled and Edited by Dr.Haya Khan.

1. Ureteric bud not reaching mesenchyme leads to
a) Kidney without ureter pancake kidney
b) Kidney without ureter

2. Longest pre erthrocyte stage is longer in
a) Plasmodium Falciparum
b) Plasmodium Ovale
c) Plasmodium Vivax
d) Plasmodium Malariae

3. No agglutinin is present in blood group
a) AB+
b) AB –
c) O+
d) O-

4. Excretory system of kidney is derived from
a) Ectoderm
b) Endoderm
c) Lateral plate mesoderm
d) Intermdiate mesoderm
e) Splanhnic mesoderm

5. Platelets transfusion does not transfuse
a) DIC
b) Previous multiple blood transfusions

6. 4th heart sound is produced by
a) Vibration of the AV valves
b) Filling of the ventricles

7. Cloacal membrane
a) Arises from the caudal end of hindgut
b) Derivative of Endodermal plus ectodermal

8. Dead space remains unchanged in
a) Shallow breathing
b) Deep breathing
c) Standing
d) Old age
e) Tracheostomy

9. Patient is unable to open the mouth due to paralysis of
a) Medial pterygoid
b) Lateral pterygoid

10. What is correct about broncho pulmonary segment
a) Supplied by primary bronchi
b) Secondary bronchi
c) Tertiaary bronchi
d) Not directly related to each other
e) Each bronchopulmonary seg is supplied by a separate veinof its own

11. Characteristic of actinomyces
a) Abcess
b) Granuloma
c) Cancer
d) Abscess and granuloma

12. One of them is an end artery
a) Central retinal artery
b) Coronary artery

13. A carcinoma of vagina below hymen( vaginal orifice) is likely spread via the lymphatics into the
a) Inferior mesentric nodes
b) Internal and external iliac nodes
c) Internal iliac nodes
d) Medial group of horizantal superficial inguinal nodes
e) Vertical group of superfial inguinal nodes

14. A scenario on pernicious anemia – Vit B12 deficiency after resection of the colon

15. Iron deficiency scenario in which MCV, MCH and MCHC were low.

16. A scenario of thalassemia in which the patient had moderate splenomegaly

17. Human placental lactogen
a) Single chain having 191 amino acids
b) Molecular wt 22 kg

18. Tachyphylaxis
a) Diminish unresponsiveness adapted quickly
b) Diminish unresponsiveness adapted slowly
c) Caused by morphine

19. Harmone that causes synthesis of protein in liver while its lysis in peripheral tissue
a) Cortisol
b) Insulin
c) Glycagen
d) Thyroid

20. Powerful vasoconstrictor
a) Bupivacaine
b) Cocaine
c) Tetracaine

21. Ureter is narrowest at
a) Ischial spine
b) Ischial tuberosity
c) Iliosacral joint
d) Sacral promontory
e) Perinatal mortality

22. Values were given we had to solve it using the formula for maternal mortality

23. Harmone which causes increase in cAMP
a) GH
b) LH
c) ADH

24. Muscles are
a) Origin is mobile
b) Fixed at insertion
c) Ligaments are fibrous

25. Intra embryonic obliteration of urachus
a) Urachal cyst
b) Urachul fistula
c) Urachal sinus

26. True about rectum is
a) Straight structure

27. True about pudendal nerve
a) Passes through great sciatic notch
b) Supply internal anal sphinter
c) Supplies muscles of perineum

28. GnRh is not inhibited by
a) Carcinoma
b) Estrogen
c) Progesterone

29. Maximum pressure dissipated is
a) Aortic arterial
b) Arterio arterial
c) Aertrio capillary

30. Cerebellum
a) Coordinates all movements
b) Recieves afferents only from cerebral cortex
c) Recieves sensory afferents
d) Proprioception

31. Rapidly adapting
a) Pacinian corpuscles
b) Arterial barorecpetors
c) Messiener corpuscles

32. 4th ventricle floor lateral border is formed by
a) Pons and medulla
b) Inferior cerebellar peduncle
c) lateral cerebellar peduncle
d) Medial cerebellar peduncle

33. Ureter is supplied by all except
a) Gonadal arteries
b) Renal arteries
c) Common iliac arteries
d) Inferior mesenteric arteries

34. Resting membrane potential is maintained by
a) Potassium efflux
b) Na+/K+ pump

35. Oral contraceptive causes what in pulmonary artery
a) Infarction
b) Embolism

36. Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation and heat production is the related to
a) Cortisol
b) Adrenaline
c) Thyroxine

37. Myleperoxidase is an enzyme present in
a) Neutrophil
b) Basophil
c) Lymphocytes

38. Old age HB Dec, RBC increased, WBC increased, platelets increased with hypeplastic bone marrow with weakness and lethargy, what’s your diagnosis
a) CRF
b) Megaloblastic anemia
c) Acute leukemia
d) Myleofibrosis

39. A girl 10 years with HB 5 MCV 5,MCH 15, MCHC 18 with splenomegaly
a) Iron def anemia
b) Anemia of chronic diseases
c) Beta thalessemia major

40. 40 years lady with 2 year history of pruritis ,for the last 6 months having xanthoma, hepatospleenomegaly, which investigation will confirm Diagnosis
a) ALT
b) AST
c) U/S
d) CT scan

41. AFP is not raised in
a) Hepatitis
b) Pancreatic carcinoma
c) Liver carcinoma

42. New cases per 100,000 in a given time
a) Incidence
b) Prevalence

43. A specific group of patients selected and their outcome is checked by (I don’t remember if this was an mcq – please help me correct it)
a) Stratified sampling
b) Cross control studies
c) Cohort

44. Pubic bones are an example of
a) Symphisis joint
b) Syndesmosis

45. One of the following does not regenerate
a) Adrenal gland
b) Cornea
c) Lens
d) Epithelium

46. Ureteric bud does not grow towards metanephric cap causes
a) Absent ureter
b) Absent kidney
c) Polycystic kidney
d) Pancake kidney

47. Milk presents in the breast during pregnancy with normal prolactin level but no lactation it is due to inhibitory effect of
a) Estrogen
b) Progesterone
c) Oxytocin

48. Antimicrobial and protective effect in alveoli is produced by
a) IgA
b) Alveolar macrophages
c) Mucin

49. Pulmonary artery supplies
a) Tertiary bronchi
b) Secondary bronchi
c) Alevoli 8

50. Primary hepatocellular carcinoma is caused by all of the following except
a) Hepatitis C
b) Alfa 1 antitrypsin deficiency
c) Toxins in food
d) Aflatoxin

51. Vaginal lymphatic drainage below the hymen is to
a) Superior inguinal lymph nodes
b) Aortic nodes
c) Inferior mesenteric nodes
d) Superior mesenteric nodes
e) Femoral lymph nodes

52. A patient can’t store food in vestibule, can’t blow, cannot frown and cannot clench his teeth, which nerve has been damaged
a) Facial nerve
b) Mandibular nerve
c) Vagus nerve
d) Maxillary division of the mandibular nerve

53. Inferior orbital branch is a terminal branch of
a) Facial artery
b) Maxillary artery
c) Transverse facial artery

54. Lengthening of a muscle is controlled by
a) Golgi tendon
b) Muscle spindle

55. Alpha blocker effect
a) Mydriasis

56. Benign tumor
a) Keratocanthoma
b) Warthin 9
c) Wilms

57. Aggressive tumor
a) Squamous cell carcinoma
b) Melanoma
c) Compound nevus
d) Basal cell carcinoma
e) Intraepithelial Paget’s

58. leiomyoma overlying endometrium shows increased fibrosis with scanty glands/ducts in the stroma
a) Atrophy
b) Hyperplasia
c) Dysplasia

59. Metaplasia
a) Change in function of the cells
b) Change in size and shape

60. Amniotic fluid embolism
a) During labor and postpartum
b) Soon after delivery
c) Postpartum
d) Complicated labor like abruptio placenta

61. Inguinal canal in female contains
a) Iioinguinal nerve and round ligament

62. Bladder does not have
a) Trigone
b) Detruser
c) Ureteric opening
d) Pubovesical

63. Nerves in pelvis
a) Obturator 10

64. Anaphylactic Shock (What was the correct stem plz)
a) Arterial dilation
b) Endotoxin
c) Increased capillary permeability
d) Venous dilation to increase venous return

65. Fetal adrenal gland produce
a) Testosterone
b) Progesterone
d) Pregenolone

66. Parturition is caused by
a) Fetal cortisol
b) Oxytocin

67. Cardiac output increases in
a) 1st trimester
b) 2nd trimester
c) After delivery
d) 3rd trimester

68. Gonococci obtained from exudate most easy test to diagnose is a) Gram staining
b) ZN staining.
c) Culture

69. 40 years lady with post coital bleeding and inter menstrual bleeding on examination hypertrophic cervix, first investigation to do
a) Cone biopsy
b) Cervical smear

70. Which is not appropriate
a) Widal in 1st week
b) VRDL not specific for syphilis

71. Sjorgen most sensitive
a) Anti DS DNA
b) Anti SSA
c) ANA

72. Systemic thrombi mostly arise from
a) left art mural thrombi
b) left ventricle

73. Sensitive for cardiac muscles
a) Myoglibin
b) ADH
c) Trop T

74. Inscisionall hernia from within outwards
a) Transversls fascia
b) External oblique
c) Internal oblique

75. Hesselbalch triangle gives way to
a) Indirect inguinal hernia
b) Direct Inguinal hernia

76. ADH
a) Supra optic nucleus

77. SA node
a) Superior part of sulcus terminals
b) lower part crista terminals

78. Increased lipid solubility means
a) Increased entry into cell
b) Rapid action

79. Diuresis 12
a) Negative water clearance
b) Decreased Na excretion
c) Osmalility diuresis

80. Causes vasoconstriction
a) ADH
b) Dopamine

81. Cannot cross BBB
a) Levodopa
b) Dopamine

82. Pellagra is caused by
a) Niacin

83. Difference between malignant and normal cells such that malignant cells repair the shortening of chromosome so that they can continue dividing. Enzyme responsible
a) Telomerase
b) Reverse transcriptase’
c) Isomerase

84. Tumor supper gene
a) P53
b) Bcl
c) M-Myc
d) L-Myc

85. An person fall had abrasion and bleeding first effect will be
a) Platelets adherence
b) Vasoconstriction

86. Memory center is present in
a) Temporal
b) Frontal
c) Parietal 13

87. Succinylcholine 88. Increase in BT ,Increase CT with diarrhea
a) CRF
b) Vitamin K deficiency
c) Chronic liver disease

89. 4th heart sound is produced by
a) Ventricular filling
b) Atrial filling

90. Breast implants with inflammation, the type of cell found are
a) Giant cells
b) Mast cell
c) Plasma cells

91. Axillary sheath is derived from
a) Prevertebral fascia
b) Pretracheal fascia

92. There is decreased pO2 in arteial blood than pulmonary artery because (Correct the options and the stem please)
a) Diffusion to occur
b) Due to dead space

93. If 28 day cycle on day 21 progesterone will be
a) 5ng
b) 10ng
c) 18ng
d) 20ng above

94. Pillar of medical ethics

95. local cause if edema
a) Allergy 14
b) Arterial dilation
c) Portal Hypertension

96. Pseudohermaphroditism with 46XX
a) Turner syndrome
b) Klienfelter syndrome
c) Adrenigenital syndrome
d) Mixed gondal dysgenesis

97. Effect of oral contraceptives
a) Prevention of ovarian carcinoma
b) Prevention of vaginal carcinoma
c) Treatment of cervicitis

98. Quartan malaria
a) Plasmodium malariae
b) Plasmodium vivax
c) Plasmodium falciparum

99. Sorbitol
a) Alcohol sugar

100. Pyruvate intermediate between
a) Glucose and acetyl coA
b) Acetyl acetate and coA
c) Glucose and carbohydrates

101. Cause of insulin secretion
a) Glucagon
b) Somatostatin
c) Beta blockers

102. GFR is increased by
a) Increase in GFR pressure
b) Decrease in hydrostatic pressure
c) Decrease in oncotic pressure

103. Gas gangrene is caused by
a) Clostridium perfringens
b) Clostridium welchi
c) Clostridium septicum

104. Platelets cannot be given in
a) Autoimmune the on Oct to pennies
b) Spleenomegaly

105. Amino acid with sulphur group
a) Cysteine

106. Contents between lower layer of urogenital diaphragm and perenial membrane
a) Sphyncter urethrae
b) Bulbourthral glands
c) Superficial transverse perennial membrane
d) Neck of bladder

107. lymph drainage of medial breast lobe
a) Medial mediastinal lymph nodes

108. lymph drainage of upper outer quadrant of the breast

109. Cervical lymph drainage

110. Below knee amputation irregular mass after sometime
a) Neuroma
b) Ganglioma
c) Neuroganglioma

111. Area 3,1,2 is associated with

112. Transtional epithelium
a) Cilaited
b) Pseudostratified
c) Stratified cuboidal
d) At the base is flatter while more disatally cuboidal

113. Bipolar cells are found in
a) Nasal epi
b) Anterior horn
c) Posterior horn

114. lobes of breast through many terminal ducts open into
a) lactiferous duct
b) lactiferous sinus

115. Kidney
a) Lobules constitute the parenchyma
b) Adrenal gland and kidney are separted by parirenal fat
c) Basement membrane is thicker then other basement memranes in the body

116. Oxygen consumed by brain(Cerebral Cortex) per minute

117. Total gastrectomy cause
a) Pernicious anemia
b) Iron deficiency anemia
c) Megaloblastic anemia

118. Pseudo membranous colitis caused by
a) Clostridium difficile

119. An MCQ about the diameter of pelvic outlet

120. Patient has creatinine 7, BP 210/130 the pathology involves
a) Peritubllar arterioles
b) Macula densa
c) JG cells

121. Bronchopulmonary segment is aerated by
a) Tertiary bronchus
b) Secondary bronchus
c) Has its own vein

122. Definition of Proband (And MCQ from Biostats)

123. Left adrenal gland drains into

124. Connection between cells with protein channels and low electric resistance
a) Tight junctions
b) Gap junctions
c) Desmosomes

125. Free radical injury produces pathology by affecting
a) Cell wall
b) DNA
c) RNA

126. 60 year old woman a known case of Ischemic heart disease, Carcinoma breast has now come with osteoporosis. Which drug you will prescribe to treat her
a) Beta blocker
b) Raloxifene

127. Most aggrassive tumor
a) Squamous cell carcinoma
b) Melanoma

128. Most lethal hepatitis in pregnancy
a) Hep A
b) Hep B
c) Hep C
d) Hep D
e) Hep E

129. Alpha one receptor supplies
a) iris

130. 0.5% bupivacain in 100 ml soultion contains
a) 100mg
b) 200 mg
c) 300 mg
d) 500mg

131. In osteoporosis which of the fallowing is defective
a) Bone collagen
b) Ostoblasts
c) Osteoclasts
d) Structure of PTH

132. Respiratory tract is supplied by bronchial and pulomnary arteries. What artery supplies the alveoli?

133. Functional layer of endometrium consists of
a) Stratum basale
b) Stratum compactum and stratum spongiosum
c) Stratum basale and compactum

134. Which one of the following will not regenerate
a) Retina
b) lens
c) Cornea
d) Epithelium

135. When one molecule of glucose is completely oxidized to carbon dioxide and water no of ATP molecule formed
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 38

136. Which dont have agglutinin
a) O +
b) O –
c) Ab +

137. Dilation of pupil by
a) Sympathetic
b) Parasympathetic

138. Incidence
a) No of new cases in a particular area at a particular time

139. Action due to alpha receptor
a) Increased GIT motility
b) Sphyncter contraction

140. The structures included in the upper fascial layer and the lower fascial layer of urogenital diaphragm are
a) Sphyncter uretherae
b) Vaginal sphincter

141. Inferior layer of uroginital diaphragm
a) Camper’s fascia
b) Colle’s fascia
c) Perinneal fascia
d) Perinneal membrane
e) Scarpa’s fascia

142. Hessel Bach triangle… Indirect ingunal hernia

143. Gonococci easily detected on gram staining

144. Cause of emniotic fluid embolism
a) C-section
b) Normal delivery
c) Post partum hemorrhage
d) C/S+ post partum

145. Fast impulse passes through
a) Sa node
b) Av node
c) Intermodal pathways
d) Pukinje fibers

146. Diabetic nephropathy is best diagnosed by
a) Ultrasonography
b) Plasma albumin

Which hormone produced by fetus is required to start labour
a. Cortisol
b. Corticosterone
c. Estradiol

147. The compound containing the highest content of triglycerides is
a) LDL
b) Chylomicrons
d) HDL

148. Which of the following does not delay the complication of brain tumor (Please help correct the stem)
a) Brain cancer
b) Gilioma
c) Brain edema

149. 25 year old female come with 34 weak gestational amenorrhea HB being 9gm/dl. Her blood picture shows normocytic normochromic picture
a) Megaloblastic anemia
b) Iron deficiency anemia
c) Blood volume expansion

150. 4th heartsound is produced by
a) Atrial systole

151. Proband
a) It is 1st family member who is affected from disease with no previous history of genetic diseases who need treatment.

152. Which is not a cause of hepatocellular carcinoma
a) Hep A
b) Hep B
c) Hep C
d) Hep H
e) Hep D

153. Urter is supplied by all arteries except
a) Renal Artery
b) Vesical Artery
c) Inferior Mesenteric

154. Inferior rectal artey is a branch of
a) Internal pudendal artery

155. A lady diabetc and asthmatic was taking oral hypoglycaemic drugs after an attack of asthma and drug intake her bsl rises it is due to
a) Beta blockers
b) Steroids

156. Cause of edema
a) Blockage of lamphatics
b) Inrcreased hydrostatic pressure

157. local cause of edema
a) Allergy

158. Maternal mortality – You should know the formula

159. A patient with pruritis for 4 months, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly , the best investigation to find the cause is
a) Ultrasound
b) CT Scan
c) Alkaline phosphatase

160. The cause of primary hepatic carcinoma
a) Alpha antitrypsin 1 deficiency
b) Aflatoxin 1 in diet

161. Tumor suppressor gene
a) p53

162. Unlikely about anaphylactic shock
a) Endotoxin release
b) Increased venous return
c) Arteriolar dilation

163. Viruses produce damage by denaturing proteins

164. A question about single blinding

165. Pregnant lady HB 9 normo chromic – Physiological change/Plasma volume expansion

166. Gas gangrene in super limb – Clostridium welchi

167. Atrial fibrillation – Pulse deficit

168. A person picks a thorn and abscess is formed, organism involved – Staphylococcus Aires

169. Axillary sheath is the extension of
a) Pretracheal 23
b) Prevertebral
c) Superficial cervical fascia

170. Arterial emboli mostly arises from
a) Femoral
b) Mural left artrium
c) Right atrium

171. Which causes release of insulin
a) Glucagon
b) Thaizides
c) Potassium

172. Patient brought to emergency – stiff neck, spinal tap was bloody a) Subarachnoid hemorrhage

173. Arterial supply of prostate?

174. Diarrhoea after jejunostomy
a) Osmotic
b) Secretory
c) Both

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