FCPS Part 1 Experience by Dr Amna Khan (Dimple Khan)

My study plan!!!

Physiology… Brs (complete except few topics of reproduction)
Pathology … Brs ( first 8 chps + 3 chps of blood from special patho) Biochemistry … First aid + tables from instant
Anatomy… Short snell ( head n neck + thorax) also imp points of head n neck from BRS anatomy.
Pharma… First aid ( general pharma I did from wadud n a bit from kaplan)


Neuroanatomy. neuro high yld plus first aid N also complete first aid for all subjcts ..
High yeild Embrology… High yeild and
First aid Histology … High yeild [ Tables of high yeilds shud b memorised on finger tips]

MCQ books : Rabia Ali . Chandkians . Asim n shoiab ( med + surgry both) . Murad ( anaotmy , neuro, histo , embryo)

For Dental subjects Dental materials
Terse Oral pathology….
Soames Tooth morpho… Terse + NBDE Oral bio… Terse MCQ books . Dentogist ( dental materials + oral pathology) .
Vijay Parthab ( dental materials only) . Murad ( dental section) Rabia ali ( dental section must be done ) Mcq books shud b done 3 times.

Past papers by Dr Jahangir must be done thrice and even a day before exam cz half of the paper was repeated from past papers mcqz.

Fcps dentistry page must b followed regularly as I learned alot from it , all help n guidence I got from members of ds page.

Fcps dznt depend on studies only its a game of luck n luck changes wid prayers so I wud suggest u all to pray 5 times a day along wid salateh tahajud n hajat dats wat I did in my preps, I only studied 2 months 16hrs/day wid full devotion n taan li the k mene har hal me is dafa pas hona he , n it was all ALLAH’s karam on me dat I succeeded, ALAHAMDULILLAH.
Dr Amna Khan

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