FCPS-I, Medicine & Allied Held on 7th March 2013

FCPS-I, Medicine & Allied  Held on 7th March 2013

Q.no.1: Resistance is directly proportional to ?
a) viscosity b) Haematocrit c) Length of the vessel
d) Radius of vessel e) velocity of the blood
Q.no.2: Osmotic pressure difference b/w Interstitial fluid & plasma is ?
a) 1.5 m osm b) 3 m osm c) 5 m osm d) no difference

Q.no.3: Find out correct about Cranial nerves which are para-sympathetic ? a) III,V,VII,X b) III,VII,IX,X c) II,III,XI,XII d) I,II,V,X

Q.no.4: QRS complex find out wrong statement ? a) Occurs due to ventricular depolarization b) has +ve & -ve waves
c) occurs just before ventricular systole
d) Indicates atrial depolarization

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