Experience of FCPS Part 1 by Dr Arsalan Mahmood

Assalamualakum ,
Experience regarding preparing and clearing fcps part 1 was very good for me because while preparing for it i learned all those things which without being prepared for fcps part 1 i would never have been able to know.

I started my prep in house job and i completed my physio and patho and microbiology while i was doing my house job , jo micro maine housejob main khattam ki thi dobara wahi micro maine paper say aik din phly parhi :p , means i never revised micro properly.
Usmle is key for success or rather you should have firm grip on brs physio and patho. but i just read usmle superficialy , i did’nt took usmle as my seniors said to me that usmle is key to success 🙂 , rather i revised my majors thoroughly. i did not revised any subject more than 1 time, but jo b revise kiya i ll call it a proper revision . don’t entangle your self in 4 or 5 revisions, just give it 1 or 2 chances at max and then just start doing bcqs.

For bcqs i tried to do atleast 200 bcq per day about 2 months before my paper but never made it :p . i did bcqs very properly and thoroughly about 15 days ago . and i must say because of those 15 days i m sharing my experience of clearing fcps part-1 right now.
Do past papers and Dr Jahangir’s book. And if u guys have nbde part 1 , just rattafy 2 tables from it one in microbio section about antibacterials and other microganisims like bacterias and viruses these tables are more then enuff to know mecahnisim of action , resistance, bacteriostatic/bacteriocidal and safe/unsafe (pregnancy) antibiotics.
For pharma do kaplan and the above mentioned tables

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For anatomy head neck from snell. and about anatomy of thorax if u wanna do then do it from snell because i did it from snell just once and i never revised it, because rabia ali bcqs of Thorax are more than enough. just rattafy them.
While preparing for exams , in initial stages i was only in favour regarding clarification of concepts of each and every topic but as time passed by i followed this rule: ‘ Rattafication is best qualifiaction for clearing fcps part-1 examination’ :p
Neuro anatomy : kaplan and rabia ali bcqs
Physio: brs and must do brs bcqs , they ll clear your concepts
Biochem : rabia ali bcqs and tables from usmle
Patho: brs , i skipped genetics chapter :p  . because in usmle 2 tables in biochem will cover all of the main points of genetics chapter of brs patho
Histology : never gave a single read :p . just read few tables and gripped bcqs
Embryo: very imp minor subject. i did it from high yield and rabia ali bcqs
I am emphasizing rabia ali because minor subjects yahi book cover krwati h aap k baqi for majors rabia ali asim shaoib medicine must. I did only around 1000 bcqs from chandkians pool but i revised rabia and asim shoaib medicine for three times.
Oral patho from cawson and dentogist bcqs
Oral histo nbde and dentogist bcqs
Tooth morpho , didnt even touched it tongue emoticon just did 10-15 imp bcqs which my seniors told me
Dental materials: i did jay pee but seniors prefer mcabe. do either book you want to but vijay pratab and dentogist bcqs are key to success in dental materials , especially dentogist , i did dentogist 3-4 times.
For minors i must say rattafy rabia ali sections (bio chem, embryo , micro bio)
For dental subjects bcqs i did vijay pratab only 1 time , dentogist 3 times and dentogist nay hi paas krwaya
For clearification of concepts , disscusion disscusion disscusion!
While preparing for your exams there will be uncountable ups and downs in your prepration, you might become heartened and think part 1 is not for me etc etc, just remember one thing that the day you have planned for part-1 or any kind of examination, was the day Allah gave you the strength to take that step and Allah will never let you down.
And remeber these lines : Those who struggle in the path of Allah are included in the guidance of Allah, the Almighty, and it is evident that wherever His guidance exists, aberration and failure does not have any place.
Allah is the one who made us to take these steps and he is the only one that will pave the pathway for us
Al-Ankaboot Verse No:69

وَالَّذِينَ جَاهَدُوا فِينَا لَنَهْدِيَنَّهُمْ سُبُلَنَا وَإِنَّ اللَّهَ لَمَعَ الْمُحْسِنِينَ
Translation :And those who strive hard for Us, We shall certainly guide them in Our ways. And Allah is surely with the doers of good
That’s all from me.
Remember me in your praryers
Best of luck to all of you
Dr.Arslan Mahmood

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