Exam Method to choose for FCPS Part 1, Online or Conventional?

After the introduction of Online system of Exam for FCPS Part 1, too many candidates are confused about the exam method of FCPS Part 1. We have discussed Online exam for FCPS Part 1 in our previous article of

In the above article we have completely described Online method of Exam. After this article we have compared both Online and Conventional Exams in the article of

In the article mentioned above we have compared both methods of exam of FCPS Part 1. Complete discription of Online and Conventional Exams and all advantages and disadvantages are given in this article. So any one who wants to know about both Online Exam and Conventional Exam of FCPS Part 1 should read above articles.

All u Want9As we have told that after the introduction of Online Exam of FCPS Part 1, many students are worried about the selection of Exam method. They are confused, whether to go for Online Exam or Conventional Exam? As many students prefer the old method and most of candidates go for Conventional Exam of FCPS Part 1, which makes the scenario worst for those who want to go for Online Exam of FCPS Part 1. Candidates who want to go for Online Exam of FCPS Part 1 think, whether they are doing right thing or wrong? Are they showing efficiency by choosing the Online Method of Exam? And much more questions which come in mind of those candidates.

If some body asks me, whether to go for Online exam or for Conventional? I will say one thing, and that is “Online”. Online exam has too many advantages. As if you consider all developed countries, exams in those countries are Online Exams, which means that this method has advantages over the conventional exam. So you should go for online exam of FCPS Part 1.

In online exam you make your mind to think that you have only one chance, so according to this situation your brain is too much alert and it selects the right answers. The answer which comes in mind for the first time is usually the right answer. So in online exam when you select the answer, there is too much chances that the answer is the right one.

Some candidates think that in conventional exam they can easily check the solved answers and can repeat the paper whenever they want. But there is drawback of it. There are too many candidates who erase the right answers when they recheck their paper for second and third time. In online exam you cant see the solved questions, so this risk is not there in online exam of FCPS Part 1.

If we talk about Conventional Exam of FCPS Part 1, you have to mark answers on the answer sheet given to you. You have to fill those circles correctly, so it takes your time, while in online there is nothing like this, all you have to click the option and thats it. So you can save your time in online Exam of FCPS Part 1 but not in Conventional Method.

In conventional Exam as complete paper is in front of you, so it can distract your mind by going through many questions at a time, while in online Exam of FCPS Part 1 only one question comes on the screen, so there is no possibility that your mind can be distracted.

Very important point about Online Exam is that, there are less numbers of candidates who appear in Online Exam as compared to the Conventional Exam of FCPS Part 1, so according to the Hypothesis number 2, in the article of

there are more chances to clear the exam of FCPS Part 1 in online method as compared to the Conventional Exam.

Hopefully this article will help you to select the best method of Exam. 🙂

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