39 thoughts on “Exam Calendar of FCPS for the Year of 2016”

    1. did you registered for the exam? I need to attend a full course for FCPS part 1 – a reliable one can anyone guide please.

  1. Hello jango, thanks for ur noble effort. Would u kindly help us more by telling us the last date / deadline for exam-application-form submission (as a reply to this comment)? It’d be highly appreciated. Thank u again.

  2. but i was told at your regional office on 25 nov that conventional exam is finished and online exam will be practiced there after.actually i did not find this site before.kindly also inform me about online exam schedule 2016

    1. Conventional exams are over now. There will be Online exams for Part 1 in Pakistan. Online Exam Schedule is given above, kindly check it.

  3. hello, if the submission is open for march test why we r not able to open the online forms. still not comming in the cpsp site,its closed.kindly please help

    1. Its open for students of Pakistan but not for Saudi , for more queries u can call them at Tel #: 021-111-606-606, 021-99207100 Ext. 246,214,311

  4. help i can’t find where to download application form from? When i download online exam application form from cpsp website, it opens notifications of dates only. Please someone tell me where to get original form from?

  5. I am already late for march 2016 attempt, where to get application form from? Its not available on cpsp website, when i download application form, it downloads notification dates not application

  6. Asslam o Alekium, hoping you all fine and best wishes for all preparing for exams! Can you please guide me that house officers completing their house job on 5th May, 2016, can be eligible for 9th May 2016 attempt of FCPS 1?

  7. thnx alot sir for ur help to update us.kindly do share a link to download online forms for those who appearing 1st tym for May attempt n way vl be its last date for submission .thnx alot

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