Product Details:

Endomotor with apex locator:
Main Features:
1. Brushless electric motor:
1: 1 contra angle Speed range 100-650 r/min. Adjustable torque range 0.6-5.6 N*cm
2. Apex locator included.
3. Adjustable LCD to make operation easier.
4. In the process of root canal treatment, when the file reaches apex, the unit will stop working automatically.
5. Saving function: Ten groups of program for speed and torque can be saved.
6. Auto reverse function. When torque exceeds the pre-set value, the file will reverse automatically to avoid the perforation and break-off.


Product Description
Dental Apex locator with pulp tester:
Main features:
1. Patented design in tie type.
The unit can be tied to the hand of dentist or to the holder of dental chair to contribute to the convenience of checking the changing data on the LCD.
2. Compact and stylishly thin in shape design.
The dimension is only 120*79*22mm
3. Special detachable design in structural component to make sure that the function of apex locating and pulp testing are accurate.
4. It is equipped with rechargeable battery.
5. The accessories can be autoclaved to avoid cross infection.
6. Colored LCD display, adjustable volume of alarm.

Product Description
Endo Motor (RCTI-DY) is the supplementary root-canal treatment device which can assist the dentists to shape more standard root-canal in the process of root-canal treatment based on the micro-electronic control technology. This instrument contributes  to alleviate the dentist’s working intensity.
The features are as follows:
1 Adjustable Speed
22 settings for adjustable rotational speed ranging from 100 to 625rpm. Drive-1: 1 contral angle is available!
2, Adjustable Torque
3, The torque exceeds the regulated value, the file will reverse to avoid the break-off.
4, Saving function-Nine group of program data can be saved!
5, Reverse automatically or by manual are availble!
6, Easy operating with LCD screen-what you see, what you get.
7, Build-in rechargeable battery, Specifically designed for patient comfort.
8, Start the rotation of the Ni-Ti flies with foot control pedal.
9, Fully guaranteed for one year
Product Description
Lowest Power Consumption Apex Locator in China
Exclusive producer in China adopting the most up-to-date sixth generation multi- frequency operating system.
Works well in dry and wet canal
Operated by 3 pieces of AA batteres
Self Calibrating
0.1 mm length determination
Large LCD display with real-time graphic of root canal.
Adjustable volume of the sound indicator
Different tone of the sound indicator
Adjustable apical constriction (range 0-5mm)
Autoclavable file holder and contrary electrode to avoid cross infection
Steady reading around the apical formamen
Auto power shut-off
Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjustment aound the minor diameter.

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