Dental Student’s Life at College


ACT 1 ( 1ST YEAR )
First day to college is like first love, no one forgets. After the first theory class went to my professor and said, “Mam, I’m a new admission. Today is my first day”. She gave a mysterious look and started, “Already two months are over, and first internals are over. How will you cope up? You know how difficult it is to maintain the registers for us. Why these people are still taking admissions”. I thought… BANG!! Right on target mam. You’re awesome. Why they are taking admission. But then fees was paid and there was no looking back.

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Entering the dissection hall, the smell of formalin gave me all the symptoms of syncope. Just then I remembered, woo all girls are watching. What if I faint in front of them? They will remember me like thisthroughouttheir life. I rushed towards the water cooler at the end of anatomy lab and sat there till I gained my confidence back to face those dead bodies and living beauties again.

Physiology lab was about blood shedding and rescue. We could not prick our own fingers but did the same for our friends with the confidence of some hematologic expert (Bhai kuch nai hoga, Chill). The biggest challenge was to get the right color in the test tube during the Biochemistry practicals. It was a mad rush to achive the apt color irrespective of what we have mixed. Carving was very interesting to do. We used to carve till 2 AM in the morning hoping to get sign for it. Next day we were informed that the mesio-distal with of central incisor is short by 1 mm. Poor carving was crushed and the tagline was – Repeat.
ACT 2 ( 2ND YEAR )
Second year was about fighting for the microscope in the pathology lab, coloring fingers with pink and blue in the microbiology practical and listening funny jargons like “control your oral cavity. This is not a fish market” in the pharmacology lab. Glass plate relation used to give us nightmares. It was much easier to maintain a relation than maintaining the glass plate relation. Before the poor mesio-palatal cusp of maxillary first molar used to touch the glass plate, some other cusp used to get jealous and jumped out of the wax. ARGGHHH!!
ACT 3 & 4 ( 3RD & 4TH YEAR )
They say third year is the honeymoon period of dental education. Yeah it was. Most of the time was spent at the bakery, juice corner, tea point, parking, lobby and biking. Finally came the final year. The mother of all years. 8 subjects, 8 exams. Were we ready for it?? It was a roller coaster ride. Caught in the vicious cycle of classes-patients-quota life became very fast and stressful. We eventually became conditioned to listen this –
Parents – When you are coming home?
Patients – Give me more money!
Staff- Go, sit for 6 months!!
Friends – Shit man, let’s have beer!!!
Trapped in this mess one fine day at home I said to my mom with a dull face, “its 104”. Mom said “What?? 104?? So high fever you are having? I said mom, it’s not my body temperature, it’s my body weight!!
Heading towards the end guys always remember, it doesn’t matter how many teeth you remove, how much you score, how many times you flunk, how much quota you complete, what really matters is how happily you have lived your share of life here, how much you have helped your friends, with how much sympathy and empathy you have treated your patients. It’s all about – How much you have loved and how much you were loved.

“This article was taken from Medical Humour

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