Dental Chairs KTLN2610 – N8

Dental Chairs KTLN2610 – N8

Product Details:

Standard Configuration

  •  3-way syringe(cold/hot) 2sets
  •  Powerful suction device 1set
  •  saliva ejector 1set
  •  Dentist’s Stool 1set
  •  Sensing dental light 1set
  •  Sensing water supply 1set
  •  Curing Light (built-in) 1set
  •  Ultrasonic scaler(built-in) 1set
  •  Warm water system 1set
  •  Purified water supply system 1set
  •  90°rotatable tempered glass spittoon 1set
  •  DC 24V electric driven chair(foldable design) 1set
  •  3 memories position 1set
  •  LINAK Motor 1set



  •  Power voltage 220V-50Hz
  •  Motor voltage 24V
  •  Air pressure 0.5MPa-0.8MPa
  •  Water pressure 0.2MPa-0.4MPa


  •  Imported 4(2) holes high /low speed hand piece
  •  Endoscope system
  •  Imported scaler
  •  Imported curing light
  •  Fiber optic system

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