Cracks and Fissures on Tongue

If you have Cracks and Fissures on the surface of your Tongue then it can be described as,

There is remarkable variation in the appearance of the tongue throughout the population. One common finding is the presence of fissures and grooves along the dorsal surface. These can range from shallow appearing cracks to deep, penetrating fissures.

fiiiiFissured tongue with extensive grooves and fissures over the entire dorsal surface.

Other Associated Conditions:
These features may be associated with geographic tongue and may rarely predispose to recurrent candidiasis.

glosExtensive Geopgraphic tongue affecting the entire tongue dorsum with prominent areas of depapillation surrounded by white rimmed borders.

Most patients are universally asymptomatic; it is not uncommon for a patient to examine his or her tongue and become aware of fissuring following the onset of otherwise unrelated symptoms, such as burning mouth syndrome. 

Diagnostic tests: None.
Biopsy: No.
Treatment: None.
Follow-up: None.

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