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Clinical Success in Endodontic Retreatment by Quintessence Publishing

Books SERIES: Endodontics

language :  English

PUBLISH:  2009

ISBN-10 / ASIN:  2912550599

File type: Epub

File size: 7.5  MB

Publisher:  Quintessence

Author: Quintessence Publishing

Endodontic retreatment is technically more difficult to perform, involve s greater risks, and is more unpredictable clinically compared with primary endodontic treatment. This book addresses topics such as indications for endodontic retreatment; safe and efficient removal of existing restorations and obturation material; challenges such as fractured instruments, hard pastes, blockages, and negotiation of the canal; treatment of perforations; management of a tooth with a wide-open apex; and assessment of prognosis and success. Well-illustrated with clinical photographs, radiographs, and diagrams, the book will enable practitioners to undertake endodontic retreatment with greater confidence.
1. Endodontic Failures and Indications for Retreatment
2. Removal of Existing Restorations
3. Access, Removal of Obturation Materials, and Negotiation of Canals
4. Management of Perforations
5. Treatment of Teeth with Open Apices
6. Prognosis and Retreatment

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