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Here you will be able to find high-yield points and facts in different subjects of medicine.

Notes of FCPS Part 1 by Dr Arslan Mahmood

When asking for baby less than 18 months tick pcr When asking for screening tick elisa Baqi hr jaga tick western blot

Less than 18 months…PCR More than 18 months…Westren blot ELISA…screening test ha Screening: Elisa Specific: western blot Confirmatory test : western blot

AntiANA….if asked sensitivity AntiDsDNA…if asked specific or diagnostic for SLE Sjorgerns : specific both : Anti Ssdna

Tissue for hla : granulocytes Cell for hla : leukocyte or granulocyte Anti SSB Buccal mucosa : for dna analysis

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Tricks to Solve MCQs of FCPS Part 1

Tricks to solve MCQ: Read the MCQ 3 times, even if you know it’s from MCQ book. Answer if you surely know the answer. If you don’t know the answer or know part of it, try to use your logic or common sense. If you still can’t find out the answer then following tricks might work: A. Statement with ALWAYS/NEVER/ONLY/DOESN’T are probably wrong. B. If two similar or two opposite statements are given then one of them is probably right. (Like vibration sense is carried out by pacinian, vibration sense is carried out by miessners). C. If there’s confusion between two options, go with the option that your instincts say is 60% true. D. If you’re 50% 50% between two options like between errata and key, go with errata if sure it’s right otherwise go with key as CPSP blindly follows book keys. If none of the above trick works then decide a single option from A, B, C, D, or E, which you’ve to choose for MCQs that are beyond you. Chances are few of them would become right. Heard CPSP mostly puts right answer in D or E option. Hope it helps a bit! Dr. Bakhtawar Saleem.