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A 32 yo woman suffers an episode of severe occipital headache with vomiting and loss of consciousness. She is brought to the hospital where she is found to be conscious and completely alert. Exam: normal pulse & BP. No abnormal neurological signs. What is the next step in management?

Admission for observation

CT brain

MRI head

Reassurance and discharge

XR skull

A 25 yo woman was brought to the ED by her boyfriend. She has many superficial lacerations on her forearm. She is so distressed and constantly says her boyfriend is going to end the relationship. She denies trying to end her life. What is the most likely dx?

Acute psychosis

Severe depression

Psychotic depression

Borderline personality disorder


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A 72yo man has been advised to have antibiotic prophylaxis for some years now before dental tx. He has never experienced chest pain. Three weeks ago, he noticed breathlessness on exertion and for one week he had orthopnea. His pulse is normal. What is the most probable dx?

Aortic regurgitation

Ischemic mitral regurgitation

Mitral valve prolapse

Pulmonary stenosis

Mitral valve stenosis

A 37yo woman presents with fatigue. Exam: angular stomatitis, no koilonychea. Choose the single cell type you will find on the blood film.



Granulocytes wthout blast cells

Blast cells

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ng ovA 65yo man presents w/ painless hematuria, IVU is normal, prostate is mildly enlarged with mild frequency. What is the most appropriate next step?

US Abdomen

Flexible cystoscopy


Nuclear imaging


A 74yo smoker presented to his GP with cough and SOB. Exam revealed pigmentation of the oral mucosa and also over the palms and soles. Tests show that he is diabetic and hypokalemic. What is the most probable dx?

Pseudocushing syndrome

Conns disease

Ectopic ACTH

Cushings disease


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