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Pharmacology points by Dr Rabia Shafique


ADMINISTRATION of single 1gm dose of asprin instead of usuall 650mg will increase anti inflammatory response to the drug.

Cocaine produced powerful stimulation of cerebral cortex.

Most systemic side effect of LA toxicity is post convulsion CNS depression.

Primary action of therapeutic dose of digitalis on cardiac muscle is increase in contraction.

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Notes on Anesthesia

* · General Anesthesia · 4. Anaesthesia

* Anesthesia – is a reversible condition of comfort, quiescence and physiological stability in a patient before, during and after performance of a procedure.

* General anesthesia – for surgical procedure to render the patient unaware / unresponsive to the painful stimuli.

* Drugs producing G. Anaesthesia – are called general anaesthetics

* Local anesthesia – reversible inhibition impulse generation and propagation in nerves. In sensory nerves, such an effect is desired when painful procedures must be performed, e.g., surgical or dental operations.

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Random Pearls of Anesthesia by Dr Maryam Malik

General and Local Anesthesia are important subjects that you people have to cover for exam. Like other subject we have told in other articles about different Books which you people can do for Anesthesia. You people should do MCQs as well important Points along with Keys. We have made this article for Anesthesia. Hopefully it will help you guys in exam.

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