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Bony Growth Inside Mouth

If you have some Bony Growths inside your Mouth (Oral Cavity) then it can be Tori and Exostoses.

These are benign, developmental bony growths that are commonly observed in the oral cavity. Tori are more common and are specific to the midline hard palate and anterolateral lingual mandible. Similar lesions involving the buccal aspect of the maxilla or mandible are called exostoses.

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Median Rhomboid Glossitis

If you have Red Patch on the Midline of the Back side of the Tongue then it can be described as Median Rhomboid Glossitis.

This is a poorly understood condition that affects the tongue dorsum. It is characterized by a chronic, atrophic, erythematous, depapillated patch in the posterior midline of the tongue dorsum typically measuring between 0.25 and 2.0 cm in diameter.

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Geographic Tongue

If you have irregular pattern of White Lines and Red patches on the surface of your tongue it can be described as Geographic Tongue.

Also referred to as benign migratory glossitis, geographic tongue is a common inflammatory condition of the tongue. Other oral mucosal sites can be affected less frequently, in which case the condition is called stomatitis erythema migrans or ectopic geographic tongue. 

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Cracks and Fissures on Tongue

If you have Cracks and Fissures on the surface of your Tongue then it can be described as,

There is remarkable variation in the appearance of the tongue throughout the population. One common finding is the presence of fissures and grooves along the dorsal surface. These can range from shallow appearing cracks to deep, penetrating fissures.

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