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How to get the Desired Score in IELTS

As this is the first step, without which you cannot even apply for PLAB, a lot of people have been worried about how to prepare for IELTS and find it pretty tough to get the band 7 in each section. What material do you need? 1) Information for candidates booklet – This is provided to you when you register. It is very important that you go through it. It will make you aware of what to expect in the exam. 2) IELTS Target Band 7 – this is one amazing book that I came across while preparing for IELTS. It has all the tips and tricks you need to ace your exam. Give this book a good read and apply the tips when you practice. You can download the book here : 3)


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Reading Tips for IELTS

Important books for reading, one called improve your reading skills and another one called official ielts Cambridge. These 2 books teach you how to answer reading properly. I advise you to practise 3 reading together with timing less than 60 min. Secondly, the best effective strategy in reading is to read first 2 questions and highlight the key wards like names with capital letters, date, occasion and then search for them in the first and second paragraph by skimming and scanning strategies and so on.


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IELTS guidelines for Speaking

Speaking is an easy task for most of us. We are not poor at speaking , actually we don’t converse with people in English , on daily basis. Following TIPS may prove useful.

IELTS speaking consists of 3 parts


It will be a brief introductory interview. Your name , occupation , place etc , and he will start conversing about any topic eg. Shopping , friends , workplace , etc.

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i) Examiner : What is your name ?

Candidate : My name is Khalid Mansoor

ii) Examiner : Where are you from ? Candidate : I am from Riyaadh ( Remember , never say I BELONG to Riyaadh ). You don’t belong to a place. You are FROM that place.

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