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Most Important Points for FCPS Part 1

* Subendothelial Deposits are seen in SLE patients

* Subepithelial Humps are seen in Acute Poststreptococcal Glomeruloneprhitis

* Linear Subendothelial are seen in Goodpasture’s (Type II)

* Mesangial Deposits are seen in IgA Nephropathy

* Spike and Dome are seen in Membranous

* Subendothelial Humps are seen in Membranoproliferative

* Azithromycin – administered to HIV + patients can prevent Mycobacterium Avium

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Past Papers of FCPS Part 1 (Renal System)

GFR increases with? A) Inc pressure on bowmans capsule B) Inc afferent arteriolar constriction C) Dec plasma protein D) Blockage at the level of urethra


Clinically gfr best measured by 1.inulin 2.creatinine 3.PAH


when GFR increases , absorption of Na and Water increases also thru tubuloglomerular mechanism. how ? A..Due to Increase tubular blood flow B..Increase pericapillary blood flow C..Due to decreased sodium in peritubular capillaries D..due to increase sodium in peritubular capillaries

A young boy in RTA lost 1.5liter blood,thers much dec urinary output ngfr,which part of the renal tubule will bring bck the GFR n urinary output to normal? a-Descendng loop b-PCT c-DCT



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