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Embryology Mnemonics


Mitosis: events at 4 stages · Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase,
Prophase: Chromosomes and spindles are Produced.
Metaphase: chromosomes MetAlign themselves.
Anaphase: [Ana] divorced or separated.
Telophase: Tell-O’Brien his daughter cells are ready.

Woffian duct (mesonephric duct) derivatives. Gardener’s
· Female:
Gartner’s duct, cyst
· Male:
Seminal vesicles
Ejaculatory duct
Ductus deferens

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Important Points of Embryology for FCPS Part 1


Embryology is too much important for the exam of FCPS Part 1. You have to do Embryology with hard work so that you can easily solve MCQs in exam. There are many Books available for Embryology. You can use Langman, High Yeild Embryology and NBDE First Aid for Embryology. Also you have to cover the important Points or Random Pearls for Embryology, which will be regularly updated on this Blog.

We have made this article for Embryology Preparation by the name of Important Points of Embryology for FCPS Part1. These points are very much important for your preparation.

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