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Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 18 November 2015

Past Paper of FCPS Part 1 Dentistry 18 November 2015 shared by Dr Asma Zain.

1  class2 amalgam restotration get frracture at oclussal & proximal region due to inadequate?                                         a        conveinece form  b retension form c  resistance form                                                                                 2 A patient         present with exapthalmus of eye, bulging of eye at periorbital region, bulging of eye is due to?       a, fat        b,neutophilic accumulation                                                                                                             3 which of   following is not indicate the level of alchol in blood?                                                                                                a body weight            b,mode &enviroment     c,rate of ingestion     d, concentration of alcohol beverage         e, food content in stamoch

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MCQs of FCPS Part 1 August ( Mix )


So Here you go People. The answers in these mcqs were most probables. Dont rely totally upon them. If You are doubtful, so do discuss them.These are based upon the experience and the memories of people who shared mcqs on respective groups. There can be some mistakes. But all is compiled with too much hardwork. I’ll share further things later. This Group helped me alot. So i want to contribute to this group so that people may get help. The questions can be intermingled i.e the 12th august mcq mght be written in 13th august heading so dont bother. REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS.take it as a gift :p Regards: Dr. Muhammad Husnain Akram 12th August 2015

1-Type of clls in acute viral infection?

2-Myasthenia Gravis is which type of hypersensitivity (type 2)

3-how much amount of air is required for pulmonary embolism (100cc)

4-Facial nerve exits through? stylomastoid foramen

5-Damage to capsule and articular capsule of temporomandibular joint causes damage to which muscle? lateral pterygoid

6-Universal donor O neg

7-Side effects of chlorpromazine parkinsona or dystonia

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Most Important Points for FCPS Part 1

* Subendothelial Deposits are seen in SLE patients

* Subepithelial Humps are seen in Acute Poststreptococcal Glomeruloneprhitis

* Linear Subendothelial are seen in Goodpasture’s (Type II)

* Mesangial Deposits are seen in IgA Nephropathy

* Spike and Dome are seen in Membranous

* Subendothelial Humps are seen in Membranoproliferative

* Azithromycin – administered to HIV + patients can prevent Mycobacterium Avium

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