Apex Locator

Apex Locator:

Product Details:

Accurate Measurement in Any Canal Condition
Greater accuracy and predictability in wet canals
Automatic calibration tor very accurate diagnosis in any canal condition

Larger Screen
Large screen with digital and graphical feed back Can be connected to personal computer(option)
Longer Battery Life
Auto Power Off function(Timer 8 minutes)
Easy to read battery power indication
Use AA type alkaline battery(3ea included in a package)
Can be used rechargeable battery
Hi-Tech New Model for the Dentist
Advanced function produces clinical accuracy rate and predictability Hi-Technology design has great stability and ergonomic applicability Self diagnosis for the system failure
Simple & Easy to use
Holder & Touch Type Probes included
Foldable screen adjusts to desired viewing angle
ITEM # 2120-1001 Regular Kit Black
ITEM #2120-1002 Regular Kit White
Apex Locator
Accessories: File holder. Cable. Lip Clip. Y-shoped stick
ITEM #2)20-1010 File Holder
ITEM #2120-1020 Cable
ITEM #2120-1030 Lip Clip
ITEM #2120-1040 Y-shaped Stick

Technical Specifications
Product Category :  Electronic Apex Locator
Product Category
:  NaviRoot
Rated Current
:  DC4.5V (1.5 vdc x 3 “AA”Alkaline batteries)
:  153 x 138 x44mm (W x D x H)
Power Consumption
:  150mW ± 10%
Calibrated Current
:   4.5± %
:  LCD Display
:  Approx. 420g

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