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FCPS part 1 in Dentistry is exam which is taken by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, after clearing the exam the candidate becomes eligible for attachment in his relevant subject. After getting attachment the candidate has to clear IMM examination within a period of 6 years from the date of passing the FCPS-1 examination. FCPS-1 of those candidates who do not pass IMM examination with in 6 years will become automatically invalid. On training completion the candidate will have to clear his/her part 2 exam to have the degree of FCPS.

Now on comes in mind about the pattern of exam? The answer is its all about 200 Mcqs, there are two papers each one has 100 Mcqs with five options given. Candidate has to select the right option of question. for each question paper time of 3 hours is given, so Candidate has to solve the papers in a given time. Passing criteria is not known by any one other than CPSP, so it is a secret. Now question is about which type pf questions come in exam and what should candidate know about it is that FCPS part 1 is about the basic knowledge of Medical field as after clearing part 1 the candidate will go for specialization in relevant field. FCPS-1 covers all basic subjects whether its Medicine or Dentistry. FCPS-1 covers the subjects of Anatomy, Biochemistry-Physiology,Microbiology-Pathology, Pharmacology, Dental Anatomy and Morphology, Dental Materials, Oral Pathology and Radiology. Most of MCQs come from these subjects.

FCPS-1 is no doubt among the toughest exams in Pakistan. Every candidate should have sound knowledge of all the subjects which are given above. MCQs which come in exam are very complicated, even a simple looking MCQs has so much difficulty/trick that the candidate can easily be confused by the MCQs. so the candidates should know the precise way to solve all those MCQs in addition to have sound and firm knowledge. With out knowing the precise way of solving MCQs a candidate can have so much difficulty in exam.

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