ACHER’s Courses & Workshops 2016

Academy of continuing Health Education and Research

Workshop for 2016:

  • Orthodontic Wire Bending for Achieving excellence in Treatment (Hands on)
  • Evaluation and Management basics of Dental and Facial Trauma (Hands on)
  • Basic Oral Surgical Skills (Hands on)
  • Anterior and Posterior Composite Restorations (Hands on)
  • All About Veneers (Hands on)

Long Courses: 

  • 1st Long Course in Periodontology (January 2016)
  • 3rd Dental implantology Long Course (January 2016)
  • 3rd Long Course in Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Endodontics (February 2016)
  • 3rd Long Course in Orthodontics (June 2016)

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