36th Cardiovascular Nursing & Nurse Practitioners Meeting July 10-11, 2017 Chicago, Illinois, USA

36th Cardiovascular Nursing & Nurse Practitioners Meeting July 10-11, 2017 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Theme: Bridging Excellence in Cardiology and Nursing Practice

ConferenceSeriesLLC is overwhelmed to announce the commencement of “36th Cardiovascular Nursing and Nurse Practitioners Meeting” from July 10-11, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois,USA. The upcoming conference will be organized around the theme “Bridging Excellence in Cardiology and Nursing Practice”.

It is an extraordinary event designed for professionals to facilitate the dissemination and application of research findings on Cardiology. The conference invites Doctors, Nurses, Nursing students and participants from leading universities of nursing, clinical research institutions and diagnostic companies to share their research experiences on all aspects of this rapidly expanding field and advancements in the field of Cardiology and Nursing practice.

Cardiovascular nursing with all includes Cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive exercise, inculcation, and behavioural modification program designed to amend the physical and emotional condition of patients with heart disease. One way to avert heart failure is to manage the conditions that cause heart failure, such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or exorbitant corpulence. Cardiomyopathy is the quantifiable deterioration for any reason of the ability of the myocardium to contract, conventionally leading to heart failure. Heart transplantation is the treatment of choice for a select group of patients with end-stage heart failure. Survival rates have incremented and complication rates have decremented due to better immunosuppressive agents, amelioration in organ procurement and surgical technique, and overall increase in experience for performing heart transplantation.Nurse practitioners helps in outstanding services like promoting ,protecting and stabilizing the health and abilities of the patients.It is one of the healthcare sector which means caring the individuals.Nursing professionals comforts patients in their recovery of their Health issues.

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Target Audience:

Cardiologists, Scientists, Doctors, Professors, Nursing Lecturers, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners,Pharmaceutical Industries, Healthcare Industries, CEOs , Directors of Association and Societies.




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